In addition to the other documents required of all examinees, UBE Courtesy examinees are required to submit the UBE Courtesy Seat Application:

UBE Courtesy Seat Application [pdf]

  • The deadline to UPLOAD the signed document is July 1, 2020. The upload link is on the form. DO NOT MISS THIS DEADLINE.
  • Your New Mexico applicant number and NCBE number were emailed to you with the link to this page. Do not omit these from the form.
  • You may use a digital signature (already enabled on the PDF). The signature line will not be active until you save the form on your computer.
  • You must save the document on your own computer, fill it in, sign it, and re-save it, and then upload it via the link on the document. Please name your document using this exact convention: NM Applicant Number Last Name. For example: 12345 Smith. Blank forms will not be accepted, so check before you upload.
  • You may indicate that you have applied or intend to apply to more than one bar, but you must indicate at least one in order to be counted as a bona fide applicant.
  • If you do not submit this form, you may not sit for the UBE as a UBE Courtesy examinee.

In addition to this form, all UBE Courtesy examinees are required to submit a law school certification form, law school transcript, and be fingerprinted. Instructions for all three items are on our website here [link].

-NMBBE Staff