Below you’ll find initial deadlines and links for the September 2020 bar exam. All are REQUIRED. We will notify you by email when and if new deadlines are added. In the meantime, you might print out this page to use as a checklist!


JULY 14:

  • Upload a clear, color photo or scan of your government-issued photo ID. We must be able to see both your photo and your ID information clearly and will need to later print the photo quite large. Name your photo using this protocol: Applicant# LastName. For example, 12345 Smith. Your applicant number is shown on your recent file update email. Upload to:
  • ExamSoft registration opens. You will receive an email on this day with instructions on how to register. Registration closes August 14. To view the minimum system requirements (see the top of the page):

JULY 20:


  • Deadline to submit a Laptop Release Form if not already submitted with your application. This form must be sent with an original signature, not a digital signature, but may be faxed, mailed, or emailed


  • ExamSoft registration deadline