The Board of Bar Examiners is moving its offices during the week of August 19 to 23.

To reach us during this time:

Mail and other deliveries:

  • As our mail will be held by the post office during this time, please do not contact us to ask if an item that you sent has arrived. We recommend using tracking for any item for which you wish to receive delivery confirmation.
  • For materials to be sent by UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc., we recommend that you arrange for delivery on August 26 or later to the address below.
  • If you wish to deliver an item to our offices, please wait until August 26 and deliver to our new address (below). All delivery items MUST come in a sealed envelope or box with “New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners” and your name written clearly on the outside. Do not rely on our office to provide you with an envelope or box.

New address (after August 23):

New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners
2440 Louisiana Boulevard NE, Suite 280
Albuquerque, NM 87110